We collect clean and dry recyclables such as Plastics, Nylons, Aluminum Cans, Office/Corrugated Paper, and Glass jars, from households and businesses within Abuja, at their convenience. The value of the recyclables is recorded in “points” on a “card” that will be given once registered.


  • Diversion of waste from Landfills
  • Participation in fostering a greener and sustainable city
  • Source of Extra Token of Voucher
  • Reduced resource Depletion

Ecobarter is concerned about reduced use of resources and we encourage such by re-purposing worn-out or broken items. Here, we train youths and women in local communities to make functional household and outdoor products such as bags and decor items from waste such as tires, textile, plastics, tin and corrugated papers. Other eco-friendly, organic or energy efficient products are also available on the store.

While the store products are valued in Naira, registered individuals can purchase any product with our value “points”.

This is also aimed at creating sustainable jobs for individuals and a constant source of supply of items needed for our CSR and outreach programs.


  • Green households
  • Barter of waste for re-purposed items
  • Cheaper Household/decor Items
  • Zero Waste

Green Store

Training & Consultancy

Where people see waste, we see opportunities! One of the “sustainable goals” we intend to achieve is involved participation of all individuals. We offer training of individuals and corporate bodies on how to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. We teach on how to re-purpose your waste and go on awareness rallys.


  • Increased awareness towards eco-sustainability
  • Changes in waste generation/disposal pattern
  • Involved participation of all
  • Save Earth

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