Today is dedicated to smashing ridiculous myths that stop you from helping the planet live sustainably…, with facts of course

First, I’m going to lay out the myths, stop me if I’m wrong or being stereotypical


  • It is solely the duty of the government to take care of your waste
  • Waste is waste, therefore useless
  • Recycling is hard, sorting of waste by user is inconvenient
  • Recycling is not necessary
  • All materials placed in landfills will decompose
  • Recyclables are only made into the same material


  • The government is you and me. Unfortunately, you feel the effect of environmental degradation before the ones you are referring to as government does
  • One-third of the manufactured aluminum is made from scrap aluminum. Manure, organic fertilizers are made from organic waste such as food, garden or animal “waste”
  • Recycling is simple. Reduce or reuse your “waste” and you will have little to recycle
  • Annually, an approximate 2.2 billion of waste is dumped globally. We need one and half earth to absorb these. Recycling one glass bottle saves energy enough to power a TV set for 20 minutes or a computer for 25 minutes. Recycling plastics saves twice as much energy as burning it
  • Without recycling, a discarded aluminum or plastic container will still be around 500 years from now. A glass jar will be around much longer than 4000 years.
  • Recycled soda bottles can be made into fleece clothing, sleeping bags, carpeting and other textiles. Aluminum can or foil can be made into pots while used office paper can be made into toilet papers

Hey, don’t beat yourself up, it’s never too late to start recycling.

Call or message us to help you design a sustainable waste management plan.

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