Waste Resource Collection

Curbside Collection

Curbside Collection

We collect waste materials from organised housing and commercial estates. Upon contractual agreement, households sort wastes at source into two streams of Trash and Recyclables. On schedule days, the Ecobarter recovery team recovers both streams from partner organisations using our collection truck.


Facility Management pay progressively less for waste management

Local jobs are created

Toxins are reduced from the environment

Provides access to uncontaminated waste resources

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Recycling Drop Off

Championed by young people in different communities, we have Ecobarter drop-off centers in 5 localities in Abuja (and counting). Users get to drop off their recyclables (see acceptable) at their convenience and get rewarded with accrued coupons (see point chart) which can be redeemed for shopping vouchers on Ecobarter Mall and subsidized basic services from a partner organisation


Reduces wait time needed to accumulate recyclables before pickup

Improves sorting at source and zero-waste living

Wins over others within the household

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Affiliate Vendor

Affiliate Vendors

In large quantity (>200kilogram) we collect recyclables from affiliate vendors across Abuja at competitive market prices. The vendors’ source for waste resources within their community using convenient methods, they bag and accumulate until >200kilogram when Ecobarter is able to pickup


Creates microenterprises and reduces unemployment

Removes over 10% of municipal solid waste away from the environment.

Improves available resources

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Main Sorting Yard

Accumulation and Sorting Yard

Recyclables from all other schemes are taken to our material recovery and sorting facility, where they are sorted and manually baled.