At Ecobarter, we choose to Reuse and Recycle

Ecobarter is an initiative of Realri Integrated Development Limited, a social enterprise building healthy, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable African communities one initiative at a time.

At Ecobarter, we are building healthier communities, creating more jobs and better value for resources through integrated waste management. We currently operate an integrated scheme of clean-ups, sensitization, drop-off, buy offs and curbside recycling collection using hand carts and trucks to divert waste from landfills.

Ecobarter is run by a team of learned, passionate and innovative young people. We are excited about collaborations and always looking to reach millions with impact.

Your Waste is a Currency We Value and together we will achieve the sustainable development goals.  

Our Story

Ecobarter was founded by Rita Idehai, a Geoscientist, and social entrepreneur. The name came from the idea of a world where “waste” could be seen and used as a currency or bartered for other products.

Rita got exposed to the concept of environmental geosciences as an undergraduate in 2013 and has since been fascinated by the effect of human activities on the dynamics of the Earth. With the Earth being a giant closed system, she believes overexploitation and indiscriminate disposal could potentially threaten the balance of the ecosystem.

Ecobarter’s vision is that of a Zero waste world, where at the initial end of life, the material is 100% reintroduced into another production line. We are focused on integrated waste management systems, building platforms for a circular economy and helping people see wealth and life in everyday waste.

Our Impact


Climate Action: we are saving the climate and earth at large of harmful substances released when materials are manufactured and/or wasted

Responsible Consumption and Production: subtly, we are fostering a recycling culture in Nigeria

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: we provide a steady supply of uncontaminated raw material for recycling companiesone-third of world manufactured aluminum is made from scrap aluminum and the paper industry is also starting to use large percent of scrap papers as opposed to virgin pulps, our scheme makes available a constant supply of material to these industries

Sustainable communities and cities: an estimated 2 billions tons of waste is dumped globally. Nigeria alone generates over 32 million tons annually out of which, only 20-30% is collected by existing waste management practices. We divert waste from landfills, thereby promoting cleaner environments

We help users capture value from their waste: while it is everyone’s duty to protect earth, we make the transition easier. We give users a little incentive as motivation

We make awesome up-cycled items: we collect used appliances from individuals and make awesome stuffs from them. We convert waste to art

Partnership for the goals: one household and business at a time, we are getting people involved in achieving sustainable development goals


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