Managing waste properly is essential to building healthy, liveable and sustainable communities, yet about 50% of the communities in Nigeria are not captured by efficient municipal waste management services while 93% of total solid wastes are burnt on dumps or landfills or disposed along waterways. Indiscriminate waste management practices cost Nigeria ~1.5% of our GDP, potential employment opportunities and claim lives due to sanitation related diseases. Worse, waste generation rate is increasing faster than ever.

We create awareness on hazards of improper waste management and the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling of waste. Where necessary, we cleanup existing dumps & install recovery centres

We recover waste resources from municipalities by using integrated schemes of drop-off, buy-offs and curbside collection using handcarts or trucks. We work with local communities, housing & commercial estates.

We sort & bale recyclables and send to manufacturers who make new products such as fibre, waste bags from them. We also train community members to repurpose waste into marketable products.


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We launched the US Embassy funded kuje recovery centre in May

IHM for Ecobarter

Improvised Independent hub

We are looking for young people to host Independent Hub in their communities

Ecobarter Mall

Shop ensembles made from waste materials; Bags, mats and more

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10 reasons to recycle if you live in Nigeria


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