At Ecobarter, we choose to Reuse and Recycle

Ecobarter is an incentive-based recycling scheme, poised to promote a recycling and responsible-consumption culture in Nigeria.

In the bid to solve issues of improper waste management; we collect recyclables from registered households and semi-public places such as malls, restaurants, schools and event places using our mobile collection center. The recyclables are weighed and accorded value points based on our chart, these points are to be accumulated and redeemed. The collected recyclables (PET, aluminum and paper) are cleaned, sorted, baled and sold to recycling factories while some other ones are up-cycled and made available for buyback on our store.

Your Waste is a Currency We Value and together we will achieve the sustainable development goals.  

Our Story

While we fully understand that as humans, we need certain resources from within the earth, we cannot deny the obvious truth that the earth’s  ability to churn out these resources is limited.

So the need to manage what we have while we have it, as well as look for better and more sustainable alternative is paramount to us keeping our earth, the only planet known to support our existence. There is no plan B, because there is no planet B.

Recycling is 3rd on the waste hierarchy, after Reduce and Reuse; it simply means using scraps of a particular material to make new ones of the same material or similar products. Why disturb mother earth everytime we need to manufacture when we have raw materials all round us.

But the sad truth is that we are ignorant of how our activities as individuals affect earth and the probable solutions. So having identified this, Ecobarter was born to promote sustainable living while allowing individuals and businesses capture value from their waste.

So we thought, maybe, just maybe if we allow people use waste as a currency, they would value it!

Ecobarter is an initiative of Realri-Integrated an enterprise involved in civic innovations.

Our Impact


Climate Action: we are saving the climate and earth at large of harmful substances released when materials are manufactured and/or wasted

Responsible Consumption and Production: subtly, we are fostering a recycling culture in Nigeria

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: we provide a steady supply of uncontaminated raw material for recycling companiesone-third of world manufactured aluminum is made from scrap aluminum and the paper industry is also starting to use large percent of scrap papers as opposed to virgin pulps, our scheme makes available a constant supply of material to these industries

Sustainable communities and cities: an estimated 2 billions tons of waste is dumped globally. Nigeria alone generates over 32 million tons annually out of which, only 20-30% is collected by existing waste management practices. We divert waste from landfills, thereby promoting cleaner environments

We help users capture value from their waste: while it is everyone’s duty to protect earth, we make the transition easier. We give users a little incentive as motivation

We make awesome up-cycled items: we collect used appliances from individuals and make awesome stuffs from them. We convert waste to art

Partnership for the goals: one household and business at a time, we are getting people involved in achieving sustainable development goals