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Get rewarded with value points everytime you recycle. Accumulate your point by recycling more


Redeem your points either as household items or vouchers at any point

The idea of “waste” is a mirage.. you only tie it up somewhere to bite the ecosystem.

We, like the SDGs will leave no one behind..

Ecobarter is an incentive based recycling scheme available to residents of Abuja, Nigeria. We collect recyclables from households within low-middle income earning communities and semi-public places such as malls, restaurants, schools and event places using our mobile collection center. The recyclables are weighed and accorded value points based on our chart, these points are to be accumulated by users and redeemed as either household items, vouchers or cash.

What we offer

Recycling Collection Center

Promoting sustainable communities by diverting waste from landfills. Encouraging the recycling culture in our people

Waste Upcycling

We make awesome re-use of some recyclables and make them available for buyback

Outdoor Cleaning Services

Hosting an eco-friendly party can be tough, we ease you the hassle of cleaning up. Just call us!

Training & Consultancy

For the love of sustainability, we train on how to manage (reduce, re-use, recycle and recover) your waste while going about your business.

Our Growing Impact

800 Kilograms of Diverted Recyclables From Landfill
89 Enrolled Recyclers
32 Days Used in Diverting Recyclables From Landfill

Our discuss

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We are Ready to work with You

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